Although you might not expect to need a 24 hour service from a locksmith in San Francisco, California , chances are you will at some point. Most of us lock ourselves out of the house or lose our keys at least once. You also may want to change your locks or get duplicate keys for family members. Here are reasons to keep a San Francisco, CA locksmith’s contact information on hand in case it is ever unexpectedly needed.

Car Locks

Locking your keys in the car or trunk in San Francisco, California is not unusual. People do it all the time while unloading groceries or simply forgetting to pull the keys out of the ignition when they park the vehicle. Fortunately, our 24 hour emergency San Francisco locksmith service can reach you quickly to retrieve your keys from inside a locked car, truck, or van, taking special care with windows and other car parts that may be involved. Our locksmith tools can often unlock a car door in seconds. CA drivers won’t have to wait long to get back in the driver’s seat of their vehicle to continue their San Francisco driving route.


Home Locks

Getting locked out of your San Francisco house can be scary with food on the stove or a baby inside your CA home. You might even worry about burglars lurking outside in the dark. Our San Francisco locksmith will arrive speedily in any 24 hour period to assist you in regaining access to your home. We are careful not to damage a lock, door, or window when assisting people who are locked outside. San Francisco residents love our fast, accurate locksmith service to keep them protected and safe. We can recommend specific locksmith products to enhance your San Francisco home security.

Repairs and Replacements

For times when you don’t need 24 hour service, we can help with non-emergency issues like duplicate keys for your CA home, car, or boat. Our many San Francisco customers request a range of locksmith services, including San Francisco, CA property lock repair and lock replacement for parts that don’t work correctly anymore. Home safes for storing valuables in your San Francisco, CA property are also available through our locksmith services. Contact us with any questions about your home or property locks and security for your belongings and personal items.

For these and related reasons, don’t hesitate to call a San Francisco locksmith when needed. Instead of forcing a key where it doesn’t belong or spending valuable time looking for a lost key, especially in the mud or at night, let our locksmith services save you time and trouble. We are trained, experienced, and skilled in the locksmith trade, and we will put our expertise to work for you. With immediate response time for emergencies and regular business hours for less pressing concerns, we are here to help ensure you get the help needed to get you into your home or car quickly and to keep your valuables safe from burglaries or loss. Contact us for more information.